Plant Nursery Requirements

Starting a Plant Nursery is a good idea, I say because it’s not mixed up like many other industries just produce the plant – wait  & sell as you need then after service if you decide to give. However, following plant nursery requirements need to fulfill base on the types of nursery you selected.

I have figured out these Plant Nursery Requirements base into five categories,

  • Physical Requirements
  • Financial Requirements
  • Legal Requirements
  • Intellectual Requirements
  • Technological Requirements
Plant Nursery Requirements

Physical Requirements

Space / Land

Think about the stock you expected to maintain, nursery equipment, fertilizers, raw materials, pots, kind of racks you are going to use, the structure of your nursery, nursery design, greenhouses that need to build, etc. All those will help you to decide whether how much area you need to all these done. 1. Land for stock plants 2. Store other items including documents, stationaries. Consider the space you need & how you arrange them.  

Water Irrigation

Water supply is one of the most important, Think and plan a better irrigation system first, you can implement the latest technology to supply water to plants. Since some categories of plant nurseries water consumption is high, some are much low, beware that & supply water based on the plant’s requirements. Soil type may be an effect to the water consumption level, the weather conditions on the area you expect to start your plant nursery also associate with a watering system you need to make.


The recommended level of pH in the soil is 6.5 -7.5. Moreover, remember soil should have much organic and texture should be neither too coarse nor too fine, also the water retention capacity of soil important. Use a soil that can help maximize the plants growing potential & minimize the chance of effect diseases.

Work /Labor

You might start your plant shop with the help of family members like me or hire labor. First, assume the daily tasks to be done and the necessity of labor (number of employees) Since especially Whole Sale Plant Nurseries need quite more employees that retail. But don’t forget to reconsider the requirements of labor.


The electricity you may require on some occasions, sometimes to use lights, for dustings, set some security cameras, alarm systems.

Street / Transport

It’s ideal if you have a location close to the main road or city to start your plant shop or nursery. It can be covered based on your product quality, competitive prices, e-marketing campaigns, and developed trust & reputation among customers. Remember that if you take mail orders (online plant nursery) transportation method & street need to be considered. In order to avoid damage, low courier/ shipping charges for the buyer.

Plant Nursery_Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

Bank Loans Facilities

According to your budget, sometimes you might need extra money to start your plant nursery. Then go for a bank loan. In here, you can get information not only from banks also from the plant nursery owners, or from other businesspersons in your area.


In some countries governments giving grants for those who start plant nurseries. Then you need to find those as well.

Plant Nursery Requirements

Legal Requirements

Registrations as Business or Plant Nursery

Aligning with government rules and regulations is a must. So you can’t start your plant shop/ nursery without proper approval and sometimes it will help to get some relief in economic disastrous moment and for insurance purposes. Read my article on How to Register your Plant Nursery.

Local Government Requirements

Local government agencies have some regulations in some countries like transport items region to region, Getting a license to selling, tax policies, etc. Sometimes you have to pay annual renewal charges or fees to them.

Training Certificates

In some cases, government authorities asked the training you got relevant to this field. But it’s upon your country prevailing laws. In such a case you might want to complete courses that they required.

Environment Conservation Certificates

Most countries this is a required document that showed you are not damaging to nature by producing excess, destroying, or selling native plants. I also had to take a special license called under “Seeds act” which given guidelines to even tagging your plants in different languages etc.

Plant Nursery_Intellectual Requirements

Intellectual Requirements

Level of Interest

Until you like the industry your success might not seem as you expected. Then always try to select the type of plant nursery that you love to do. Otherwise, your commitment to your plant shop/business will decline.


Knowledge is the power of you. You have to get some training from governments or follow courses related to your plant category. Join the Facebook groups, watch YouTube videos, download ebooks related to your category & read about plant nursery management & other platforms to gain knowledge about the plant’s business.

Training on Field

Practical training or onsite training may be an advantage for you. So try out to activities like potting, nursery bed making, soil mixture making. Layering, how to use fertilizer, use nursery tools, etc.

Past Experiences

If you have experience in many businesses before and they all failed. Be aware to do not do the thing that causes you to fail this time. From the beginning of your Plant Shop / Nursery.

Your Habits

Your habits are also impacting the success of your nursery. Since then any other business may involve fewer documents, but the ability to handling stocks, pricing strategies, human skills like dealing with customers, convert them to regular customers, aware of the latest improvement, etc.

Marketing Skills

No doubt, without a strong ability to attract customers to your business this is somewhat impossible, try out everything is that reach your products to customers, build their trust day by day. Prepare a Facebook page, Instagram page, add photos to them, arrange some lottery, games, to increase the popularity of your nursery among the public.

Plant Nursery_Technological Requirements

Technological Requirements

Internet Facilities

Having better internet facilities is essential. Especially if you dealing with emails, you can uploads some videos about plants, arrange online courses, webinars. So consider this aspect also.

Digital Skills

For online plant nurseries, this skill is a must, if you are going to hire a person for that or giving to a third party. Think about the cost and the profit you expect to earn. I think it is quite easy if you can make an E-commerce website. You can check your stock levels, get notifications to your mobile, it cuts half of your work.


You might not need everything as good as possible, what is the most important is, put your first step with trust, you may have very few resources, lack of support, but while you continue it you will see everything is falling to your side that helped every side of your business.


It is quite embracing that, some people may think that I do not have these requirements, give up. I say you have going to touch the Business which has marvelous potential to earn money as well as gain happiness than any other business. Nobody needs all the requirements your skills and talent to make a product by accurately analyzing the market, make the best way to sell it to customers.

Read my article on what are tools and material that need to start a plant nursery.