Types of Plant Nurseries

You might wonder which types of plant nurseries I select after reading this article, But Don’t worry, just read my article on Market Analysis using the and internet & using simple tricks.

Before Introduced Types of Plant Nurseries, Here is the

Simple Definition of Plant Nursery 

What Is a Nursery? Nursey is an entity or stock that store & well maintain plants and related products giving other services to the community at competitive prices. It can be formed in many ways as an individual business, partnership, small scale, or large scale.

Now, you might curious that, what are the categories of plant nursery or classification of plant nurseries is exist to select & how do I select it.  

What Are the Types of Plant Nurseries?

As a plant nursery owner I always attention to Plant Nursery business. Since here, I want to explain what types of nurseries we can start. It can be divide based on a number of ways, I have figure out here for the sake of easy to choose our category,

#1 Way of Selling

Retail, Whole Sale, Mail Order (Online Plant Nursery) mostly identify as three basic types of plant nursery

#2 Plant category

Fruit, Vegetable, Woody Plants, Medicinal Plants, Ornamental Plants, Forest Nursery

#3 Ownership

Privet / Franchise, Partnership, Single Owned,

#4 Stability

Permanent, Temporary

Types of Plant Nurseries : Based on the way of selling

Plant Nurseries Based on Way of Selling

Whole – Sale Nursery

If you looking to start with a big investment and has adequate resources to pursue it. It is ideal you can have a good income based on the category you specialize in. Wholesale as it means we are looking to maintain a larger quantity of stock and supply (bulk) big amount per sale. You have to find clients like departmental stores, florists, larger construction companies. Also, you can grow houseplants, vegetables, based on the clients’ requirements. To know more read my article at Wholesale Plant Nursery

Retail Nursery

Simply, it is targeting more & more customers who normally tend to buy a small number of plants. If you go to this kind of Plant nursery, you have to have some competitive advantage through marketing or product differentiation based on customer type, prices, requirements, quality & size. Since your target market is public make sure to aware of the trends & their requirements. To know more read my article on Retail Plant Nursery

Mail Order Nursery (Online Plant Nursery)

This is one of trending, which I currently owe. No matter you are a Retail or Wholesale Nursery owner, If you have the ability to sell, or take orders online. However, make sure you have to consider a number of factors before going this kind of plant nursery type, the way of shipping, stock maintaining physically & on your website, the possibility of sending any plant category, customer complaints handling, etc. To know every aspect you can read my article before go for Online Plant Nursery.

Types of Plant Nurseries : Based on the Plant Category

Plant Nurseries Based on Plant Category

Fruit Plants Nurseries

If you go for fruit plant nursery you can build a brand name around it because gradually you can be specialized in. Although there is very sustain income you got from this type of plant nursery don’t forget to consider the customer demands and latest trends of the industry. For example – 20 years ago people willing to plant bigger plants but nowadays they need more small plant hybrid versions with technologically improved.

Vegetable Nurseries

Vegetable Plant selling is very good because its short term and people usually & repeatedly by plants from you after they harvest their product. But you shouldn’t limit your products to that customer can easily get seeds from vegetables & produce plants by themselves. Seeds selling, and other tool kits, equipment’s, guideline leaflets, videos, fertilizers, pesticides, compost selling will deviate you from the competitors and can aid to increase more sales.

Ornamental Plant Nurseries / Flower Plant

This is one of the best because your price decision capability is high. Since buyers consider the attractiveness of your plant, its height, Color, Grade, Way you provide its, after services, previous experiences, especially the information you provide to maintain it. May be most of your customers not experts on this thing then you have to tell them in detail about the plant which they searching for.

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Nurseries

This is an impressive plant category Since I also select the same plant category. I can tell what, from this kind of plant nursery marvelous benefits you can have. First, you come across interesting facts about the plant life that can motivate you, their medicinal use, and how they use, as well as it can implement to your day to day life. Especially you can build your own brand name around it since you are in a niche category. The target market is very limited I suggest you provide mail-ordering (online store) services to attract customers living any part in your country.

Hi-Tech Nurseries

Starting this kind of Plant Nursery involves advanced technology. It’s primarily based on the technological improvements add to the plants for example there are high trending demands for gerbera, bananas, some coconut plants. However, there is a chance for you among fewer competitors and you can domain the market that very high-profit gain. You need to consider the appropriateness of this type of plant nursery to your area or country, as well as the available technology to get into your plant business.

Types of Plant Nurseries : Based on Ownership

Plant Nurseries Based on Ownership

Private Nurseries

They are agreed to provide the plants that need for bigger contracts, sometimes the basic investment is done by that company and buys the plants at agreed prices. On one side, you have the benefits as well as the losses.  


This type of nursery starting with the support of two or more partners. Sometimes production doing by one party and marketing is completed by another one. Profits are distributed based on the pre-agreed ratio. Partnership plant nurseries also have some pros & cons.

Single Owned

Family members or a single person play a major role in your plant nursery. It is quite stable responsibility of the success totally depended on you. If you like to go for this type of nursery please consider the tax policies prevailing in your country.

Types of Plant Nurseries : Based on Stability & Time period

Plant Nurseries Based on Stability / Time Period

Temporary Nursery

This type of nursery built up a period, in most cases the reason for afforestation. It built for certain time period sometimes to until complete a project,

Permanent Nurseries

This type of plant nursery will exist for years and well planned, well managed by the owners. It located in a place where that distribution process can easily handle.

How I select the Plant Nursery Type?

You read this article from different parts of the world but I believe you can get some cues to select the best type to start a plant nursery. I would like to recommend first come up with all the ideas you have then filter them to select the best type of plant nursery. However, it involves strategies to consider before invent into the nursery business.